Spartanburg Methodist College

Spartanburg Methodist College

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At SlicedTomato we love great stories. That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Spartanburg Methodist College – a liberal arts school with a passion for helping students discover their calling in life. SMC asked for four broadcast TV commercials, featuring real students, to communicate the heart of their school. We could not have had more fun getting to know these students (between classes!) and hearing their stories, laughing at all the outtakes, and crafting a story together. This was the first time we had stepped up to the challenge of a broadcast commercial. It posed a new set of technical questions for us, but our team rose to the challenge and executed flawlessly. Watch the other three here.

At SlicedTomato we love great stories. Is yours next?

“SlicedTomato wasted no time in getting to know us and collaborating with us as a TEAM. They listened to what we wanted and instinctively took our ‘novice concept’ and developed unique, creative, quality video products that capture SMC’s heart and soul! They injected fun and play into the process and put our student actors at ease on film and flawlessly conveyed our message.   SlicedTomato’s creativity, professionalism, and commitment to quality exceeded our expectations – any way you slice it, SMC was wowed and encourages others to discover SlicedTomato for themselves.”
Mike Queen, Director of Admissions, Spartanburg Methodist College

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