SlicedTomato, The Best Idea Since Sliced Bread

SlicedTomato, The Best Idea Since Sliced Bread

Now more than ever, video is a deliciously smart way to reach people. Where written words are easily overlooked, video captivates. As a creative agency, your clients may already be considering video in their marketing mix and you need to find a way to add these services to your list.

By offering video production services, you create the potential for greater revenue, larger client base and stronger client retention. However, adding a video division also means greater costs: hiring new employees, growing your knowledge base, purchasing costly equipment (year after year) and staying on the leading edge of video development both creatively and technologically.
There is a better solution – SlicedTomato Productions.
Collaborating with creative agencies is our bread and butter. We work with creative directors, marketing agencies, public relations firms, and web developers, and understand what it takes to turn a marketing strategy and creative concept into a well-rounded, finished product. We offer competitive pricing, allowing room for mark-ups and referral fees and work as your partner, not your competitor. We have one simple job: to create the video needed to make you shine.   Creating fresh videos is all we do so using our services does not open the door to a competitor.
Interested in expanding your services?   Let’s talk!   Check out our featured work.  Press Play >

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