Project Hope Behind the Scenes

Project Hope Behind the Scenes

Our goal: To create a video that would inspire runners and sponsors to participate in the upcoming 42 mile, 5 person team race for Project Hope.  We were excited to do this for many reasons–especially getting to be a part of something that would benefit children with autism.  The Hope Relay is actually designed to parallel in some ways what it is like to help a child with autism.  The race is long, and it can’t be done alone.  Our video needed to not only maintain, but exemplify that same parallel.

Our day started off early at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, South Carolina. The forecast was not looking too good the night before but fortunately, the rain held off – allowing us a perfect day to shoot! The overcast clouds basically created one giant softbox, which is perfect for filming. Our objective at this location was to get shots of the runners going through the trails.  The shot list was not easy, as it called for a steadycam, strollercam (which is exactly what it sounds like) and a jib crane. We shot everything with the HVX200 and the Canon 7D.  There was a lot overcranking and some undercranking going on with the cameras, shooting various frame rates anywhere from 20 to 60 frames per second, just to make things just look a little more…epic.
Once we finished at Paris Mountain, we ventured on down the road to the beautiful Furman University, which follows the actual route of the race.  From the famous bell tower, to gorgeous lake and landscaping, it added a great touch. A few cinematic shots later and we were wrapping up the shoot.  What a perfect day to spend a Saturday!

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