Free Motivation!

Free Motivation!

We’re bringing you some free motivation today, delivered right to your desk, courtesy of the inimitable Jay Hewitt. Working with Jay over the last few months has gotten us thinking about motivation. Just…what exactly is it? It has the power to get us to our goals – or keep us from our goals if we don’t have it. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. It’s a temperamental tide of invisible energy juju that gets us off our butts or leaves us high and dry.

After some conversation about it we still haven’t reached consensus on exactly what it is, but we think we’ve discovered how to get it. By all means call us if you know a better way, but we’re convinced the secret to getting motivation is this:  seeing what you really want and imagining yourself getting it.

We stole this point from Jay. Quick background on the man: he ran a crazy 140-mile Ironman. With diabetes. Fourteen times. He can’t stop talking about what he calls “Finish Line Vision” – seeing what you want and imagining yourself getting it. He says it makes the difference between going on or giving in. He should know.
Ok, ok, just watch the video already!

 “SlicedTomato was great to work with and did a fantastic job – the perfect combination of professional expertise and youthful, creative enthusiasm!  From our first meeting they listened and understood my vision of what I wanted in my video, then used their creativity and expertise to make suggestions, improvements and make it better.  My project had multiple diverse events and locations to shoot, including a large live audience, a private interview, and on location b-roll action footage at sun rise.   They got it all and edited it together beautifully.  They captured my Finish Line Vision®!!” – Jay Hewitt

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