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Video is the best way to engage customers today, but not just any video. It needs to be creative, compelling content that moves your customers to action. That’s where we can help.

High-Quality Video Production

Welcome to SlicedTomato Productions, a Greenville, SC video production company dedicated to creating stylish, professional videos for organizations of all sizes and types. Whether you need a video for a website, a fundraising effort, a social media campaign or any other project, we can make it happen.

Our team understands what it takes to turn an idea into a well-rounded, finished product. Not only is it about crafting a powerful story and fine-tuning all of the details, it’s also about executing – doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it. When only top-tier talent and rock-solid professionalism will do, turn to SlicedTomato for all of your video needs.

Featured Videos

How do you engage customers today? How do you inspire, educate, entertain and inform? You do it with the power of video. At SlicedTomato, we make marketing videos that move you. More importantly, we make videos that move your customers, clients or constituents. We always look for the most creative and impactful ways to tell your story, and we always bring a fresh perspective to the table.


Why Clemson

Eli Warren

Chick-fil-A Better Together


Miracle Hill Redemption Choir

CUICAR DO5 Rivkah’s Journey

DUI Prevention PSA

BJU Precept HomeWorks


We love working with Sliced Tomato Productions on promotional videos. They begin by understanding our company and why we need this video. Their solutions are spot on, the production values are top notch, and the turnaround time is quick. Whenever we need an engaging video for our company, we ask Sliced Tomato Productions.
Ben Davis
Producing videos is definitely “out of the box” for us but SlicedTomato led us through the process from start to finish, going above and beyond our expectations. Not only was it a huge success, but they made it a fun project for us. Several of our participants complimented SlicedTomato on their professionalism and courtesy and there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the videos. Our directors are already talking about the second series!!!
I have had the opportunity on several occasions to help SlicedTomato Productions with both on camera and voice talents for both local and global projects. Having a background in both talent and production, I am always impressed with their professionalism & attention to detail. They mix high tech and innovation with good old fashion, respectful, business practices. I look forward to when our paths cross next.
From the start to the finish – Sliced Tomato has been a joy to work with. They took an idea and ran with it, creating a final product that is outstanding! Their creative staff took a diamond in the rough and made it sparkle. Can’t wait to work with them again as they are a team of consummate professionals.
Chuck Gallagher
Chuck Gallagher


Let’s create a great video together. Contact us for pricing.

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