Bishop Love on

You don’t have to be a worship planner to understand the situation described in this video. That’s because we live in a precarious world. Snowstorms strike San Francisco in October, canceling flights. The flu descends upon your keynote speaker. Flash drives grow legs and creep away in the night only to disappear forever.

If you are the one in charge of planning an event, how do you safe-guard against these unforeseen challenges? For a worship service, you stay proactive, organized and keep the channels of communication open with

Founder Tom Metz and gang needed a video to show how their services can help potential users do all of these things and more. Bishop Lester Love, a renowned evangelical minister, flew up from New Orleans to speak about the need to have an orderly worship service and how can help achieve that goal.

For any production, it never hurts to have a little good fortune on your side, and in this case we had a talented spokesperson. This video was completely unscripted. We simply coached Bishop Love on what topics to cover, and he did the rest. It’s surprising how often people come across even more relaxed on camera than they do in real life, and we can do the same for you.

Another element to this video’s success is its pacing. We’ve all seen movies that seem like they are going to end any minute when something unexpected happens, and the movie drags on for another hour. The upbeat background music keeps this video moving along at a steady, yet unhurried, pace.

After all, the show must go on.