A leading edge tool like WorshipPlanning.com needed a leading-edge video. Sliced Tomato wanted a “knock-your-socks-off” way to re-purpose WorshipPlanning.com’s message to breakthrough to the audience and captivate their attention. {Enter Animation!}

A fully-animated, hand-drawn production, this third video project between Sliced Tomato and WorshipPlanning.com brings to life an “everyday guy” responsible for organizing a worship service. We see him and his team struggle against the old way of doing things compared to the ease and simplicity of using WorshipPlanning.com. The clever animation and humorous yet impactful message will resonate with worship planners, allowing them to laugh a little at themselves and, more importantly, take the next steps to become a more organized and efficient leader.

A worship service takes an incredible amount of planning. If you don’t believe us, just ask Tom Metz, the founder of WorshipPlanning.com. In 2003, Tom had the brilliant idea to harness the power of the Web to coordinate all aspects of a worship service, from the music to the teaching to the support staff.

How do you know when a well-organized worship service goes exactly as planned? You don’t. If everything works, you will be too engaged in worship to think about all of the behind-the-scene details like lighting and sound coordination.

That’s the thing about putting on a worship service. If you do it well, people don’t always take notice. But they always see the hiccups and glitches, the awkward silences and dreaded typos. Whereas a well-planned service comes off as one seamless, even spontaneous, worship event.

Well, the same is true for producing a great video. In this case, Tom wasn’t convinced he would communicate WorshipPlanning’s story well on camera, so we worked hard to create something fresh and colorful. Tom’s other concern: he didn’t want a boring video. This worked out well for everyone because SlicedTomato doesn’t make boring videos.

We took this one from concept to finished product in record time, and we implemented a variety of techniques along the way, including color grading, time remapping, custom animation and composing a groovy rift on a Les Paul guitar.

Did you notice all of those little touches the first time you watched it? Probably not. You better watch it again.

You don’t have to be a worship planner to understand the situation described in this video. That’s because we live in a precarious world. Snowstorms strike San Francisco in October, canceling flights. The flu descends upon your keynote speaker. Flash drives grow legs and creep away in the night only to disappear forever.

If you are the one in charge of planning an event, how do you safe-guard against these unforeseen challenges? For a worship service, you stay proactive, organized and keep the channels of communication open with WorshipPlanning.com.

Founder Tom Metz and gang needed a video to show how their services can help potential users do all of these things and more. Bishop Lester Love, a renowned evangelical minister, flew up from New Orleans to speak about the need to have an orderly worship service and how WorshipPlanning.com can help achieve that goal.

For any production, it never hurts to have a talented person in front of the camera, and in this case we had a talented spokesperson. This video was completely unscripted. We simply coached Bishop Love on what topics to cover, and he did the rest. It’s surprising how often people come across even more relaxed on camera than they do in real life, and we can do the same for you.

Another element to this video’s success is its pacing. We’ve all seen movies that seem like they are going to end any minute when something unexpected happens, and the movie drags on for another hour. The upbeat background music keeps this video moving along at a steady, yet unhurried, pace.

After all, the show must go on.