06 Aug 2009

Open Video for the Web

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There is something exciting happening for video on the web. It’s called open video.  As HTML 5 approaches, it brings with it the possibility of making video as common as images on a web page.  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of Apple and Adobe and they have done wonders with video on the web.  But the new version of HTML supports a video tag, instead of shoving everything into an object or embed tag.  This means it would be possible to play videos without the need for a 3rd party plug-in.  There has also been talk of implementing the Theora video codec, which is free and open source; leading us away from licensing fees and promoting decentralization of video online.  Currently, IE8 and Safari do not support open video, but if you want to give it a spin, give Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome a try and then you’ll be able to check out some cool interactive real-time video manipulation like dynamic content injection and real-time CSS transformation of video.

If you have an HTML5 capable browser, click the link below to see the Coraline trailer that uses open video.  Notice the “Save Video As…” option?


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