How do you know Teleco is a great telecommunications company? Other people hear about their services and seek them out. Wanna know how they found SlicedTomato? They saw a video that was so compelling they went on the hunt and hired the company who made it.

Headquartered in Greer, SC, Teleco has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, picking up such heavy-hitting clients as Outback Steakhouse and Pepboys Automotive. When the time came to produce a video, they wanted something that would continue to grow their business, while articulating their message.

Articulating your message isn’t always easy when you specialize in a jargon-laden industry like telecommunications. SIP? VoIP? We don’t know what those acronyms mean either. But Teleco does. And this video set their new prospects’ minds at ease by conveying the company’s reputation, industry knowledge and wealth of experience.

CEO Bill Rogers delivers a short, matter-of-fact message in front of the clean, white background characteristic of all our Off-the-Vine™ videos. As Bill points out, “You can’t be in business unless you can communicate.”

And that’s just it. Whatever industry you’re in, a SlicedTomato video has the power to communicate your point more effectively than other forms of media.

Thanks, Bill. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.