About Video for the Web

SlicedTomato Productions is a full-service video company dedicated to working with creative agencies and marketing firms throughout the Southeast. Located in Greenville, SC, we produce videos that bring your vision to life and help your clients see results. And we do it all within your budget.

Our experience includes working with small businesses, universities, non-profits and government. Our expertise lies in our ability to collaborate with creative directors, writers, art directors, Web developers—you name it. Our goal is simple: to make the best videos possible for you and your clients.

We want to be a partner, not a competitor, and we will work with you to ensure that your video embodies your original marketing strategy and creative concept. Simply put, it’s our job to make you shine.

So what can you expect from us? How about unsurpassed professionalism, for starters. From large to small projects, we will coordinate scheduling, provide contracts and see each project through from the introduction meeting to the last tasteful detail.

We work with each agency differently, and we’re always on the lookout for new partnerships. If you think a SlicedTomato video is a good fit for any of your upcoming projects, please contact us with your thoughts, questions and bright ideas.