Safe Harbor

SlicedTomato believes in giving back to the community, and we were happy to donate this video to a worthy cause. We had the opportunity to create the video that Hill Mullikin Marketing envisioned for Safe Harbor, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse in Upstate South Carolina. The idea was to challenge people to give at least five dollars to Safe Harbor, and they had just five days to do it. Our job was to shoot a video that would help Safe Harbor reach their goal.

And, boy, did it ever.

Once the video was completed, the website was posted. Everyone who donated online had the chance to add a wall post, answering the question: “What $5 means to me?” The response was overwhelming. Soon the video appeared on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, random blogs and who knows where else?

The campaign raised more money than expected, greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations and garnered good publicity for Safe Harbor. In 2010, the project was recognized at the G Magazine Giving Back Awards.

Looking back on the project, it would seem that everything went exactly as planned. But that wasn’t the case. On the night before the shoot, we discovered that we would be shooting in what some would call a makeshift studio. Others would call it an office kitchen.

Funny thing about kitchens: they are seldom carpeted, which is good for cooking but not for absorbing sound. So we improvised. Prior to the shooting, we placed carpet on the floor and walls. It was “lights, camera, carpet,” and the rest is history.

All in all, it was amazing to see everyone come together on this project. Of course, the five days have long expired, but it’s never let too late to give. You can learn more about Safe Harbor here.