R2 Copy

A good copywriter can find humor in a bag of concrete…can make a root canal seem adventurous…can earn his clients boatloads of new business. And make no mistake about it: Rodney Rogers is one of the best copywriters and creative directors around.

A self-proclaimed brainstorming machine, Rodney is a storyteller of the highest caliber. He’s also a print, video, radio, TV and social media guy. In short, he has done it all, developing award-winning concepts and copy for clients ranging from Internet start-ups to giants of the Fortune 500.

So when the time came for Rodney to expand his freelance business, he asked SlicedTomato to create a promotional video for his new website. He wanted to put together a reel that would showcase his talent, leverage his experience and drive traffic to his online portfolio.

Capturing this writer’s versatility in two minutes or less was no short order. But we accepted the challenge with the same gusto that Rodney takes when tackling a new ad campaign. In the end, we chose to intersperse stills from his print ads with clips from videos that he has written and directed.

Working with so-called creative types is always a pleasure for us, and this video was no exception. Creative directors like Rodney have made their living by developing work that stretches the imagination and appeals to our almost primal need for storytelling. Video is yet another tool of the trade, so let us know what bright ideas you have.