NorthStar Creative

If you ask several small business owners about the challenges they face today, you are likely to hear this: “Our customers can’t find us on the Web. We want to show up on the first page of Google.” There are a number of ways to improve your search engine ranking, and having a video on your website just so happens to be one of them.

More and more people, both young and old, are turning to the Web to research products and services before making a decision to purchase. That means that a company like Northstar is highly relevant today because they make other companies relevant.

Through website creation and search engine optimization, Northstar helps businesses rank well for local and national online searches and generate sales leads with pointed calls-to-action. And what better way to highlight these sales points than with a SlicedTomato video?

Smart, simple and straightforward—this video emphasizes the mindboggling numbers of websites and registered domains out there in cyberspace. In such a crowded universe, customers need clarity, and this video reflects it with a subtle use of L-edits, a luma key and an animated logo.

When it comes to helping you get noticed, Northstar “gets” it. But search engine optimization isn’t the only way to make your company relevant. A SlicedTomato video might be just the thing you need to stay competitive in your industry.