Lori Parks

Lori Parks is a corporate event planner who has been in the event planning industry since 1986. She has created high-end events for a variety of companies, including ABC Television, Alix Partners, Schwinn, ESPN, and University of Michigan. She believes her success is a direct result of her creativity and attention to detail, the relationships she has established with world-renowned vendors, and her service-oriented staff. SlicedTomato created three videos for Lori Parks, including this highlight video featuring all that went into producing her Chili Cookoff event in Dallas.

As we talked through the initial concept with Lori, we realized that we wanted to capture her vibrant personality in an unscripted video. We wanted the video to be fresh and natural. Lori had never been on camera before, and although she was nervous at the beginning of the shoot, we coached her through a series of questions that got her talking about her business, the events she’d done, and her passion for putting together fantastic events. At the end of the shoot, she said she’d actually enjoyed it and had fun!

To learn more about Lori Parks, visit www.loriparks.com.