Lifecycle Asset Recovery

It’s not easy spending tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars on IT equipment that will become outdated in a few years. But it happens. Clunky laptops start piling up in your office. Hard drives become obsolete, and overnight your server becomes a thing of the past.

Did you know that you can recoup some of the costs invested in your old equipment? Lifecyle Asset Recovery helps you recover your assets by reselling your aging information systems and network technology.

To help spread the word, Lifecycle hired SlicedTomato to shoot a video that communicates these points directly with potential clients. Specifically, Lifecycle wanted to appeal to CFOs, CIOs and CEOs—you know, the decision-makers. They also wanted to highlight their patented four-step process for asset recovery.

Sometimes communicating the process is as important as communicating the service, and our process for this shoot was simple: we wanted the video to have an unscripted feel, so we removed the teleprompter and worked with the talent to get several different feels. Then, in the edit room, we pulled out the best, most natural takes.

And guess what? It worked. The client loved it. And we’re not just saying that. Check out what Bradley from Lifecycle and actress Claudia had to say about the project on our testimonials.