13 Nov 2013

SlicedTomato FullDome

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3,300 x 3,300 resolution video. Domified theaters. Spherical edits. Multi-camera stitching. The result? SlicedTomato now creates FullDome educational videos for students around the world. So far our videos are in 117 science centers and planetariums in 33 countries. When our local planetarium called us and asked for our help, we decided to try to do just that.   First we had to learn a new vocabulary (above – yikes).   Then we started experimenting and asking questions. Eventually … one step at a time… after 3 years, we figured it out   After a planetarium showed the video to a 4th grade class, we received the most encouraging message – “They [the students] were dancing in their seats – literally”. Domed theaters offer a unique, immersive experience for students.  Through fulldomevideos.com, it is our goal to help create memorable learning experiences – on the Dome.

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