25 Jun 2010

My Job Rules

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In August of 2009 I began freelancing for an awesome video company, SlicedTomato. It all started with a mutual love for pizza. From that point on, I knew this would be a great group to be working with. When I began freelancing, my job was simple, shoot and edit for any projects they needed extra help on. And so I did, gladly. A year went by and about 12 lunches at various pizza joints later, I was hired as the summer intern in June of 2010.  I was thrilled to hear this not only because I would have a good job for the summer, but I would also be helping out on a daily basis with a company that I highly respect.  Being able to work for people that are extremely talented and know how to challenge you is amazing. Not to mention, the work produced from SlicedTomato is very impressive.

My job for this summer is being an intern, meaning – I have a multitude of responsibilities which include filming and editing, SEO, researching, and writing.  It’s great being able to do all of this because I get a feel for different parts of the business.  I never realized how much work actually went into creating a great video.  What goes on behind the scenes even before the shoot is critical.  I’ve been learning about what that entails and how important it is.  Another plus to working for SlicedTomato is the art of learning on the fly. Chris and Jim are excellent at explaining concepts in a way that makes sense. In a nutshell, this job rules. Be jealous.

Noah Smith

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