25 Aug 2010

Greenville to Uganda

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When I moved to Greenville a mere three months ago, if you had told me I’d be moving to Africa in January of 2011 and learning about video production in the mean time, I would have told you to see a specialist. But my plans certainly have a way of keeping me on my toes, and here I am working for SlicedTomato with the plan of learning everything I can about how to produce a video so that when I move to Jinga, Uganda in six months, I can create video that compels.

Jinja, Uganda? Let me explain. Nine months ago, my friend Meagan’s dad lost lost his job and was offered the director’s position of a non-profit called Children of Grace (http://www.children-of-grace.org). Children of Grace cares for 700+ HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda by providing medical care, education and shelter to some of the world’s most neglected and unloved individuals. Too passionate about this issue to continue his comfortable lifestyle, he took the job and recently moved to Jinja with his wife and 14-year-old daughter. Talk about a risk.
Uganda Pic

Inspired beyond words, my wheels started spinning on how I could join them, and in June they started spinning fast. A writer at heart, I long to tell stories, and with 700 HIV/AIDS orphans now cared for through this ministry–I can’t think of a better story to tell. Aforementioned Meagan (who also happens to be a photographer and graphic designer) caught wind that Children of Grace could use some help working on their media, so we pitched our idea to come and put our collective talents to work. A lot of dreaming, a formal proposal and a few Skype dates across the globe later–we’re going. The only set back (besides all the vaccines. yikes.) is that neither of us have ever done anything with video.

That’s where SlicedTomato comes in. As The Tomato’s newest team member, I help them with whatever they need, and they show me how to use video as a tool to tell specific stories of AIDS orphans. My hope is that one child’s story will inspire a group of people the way I’ve been inspired.

I’m really getting the better end of the deal here, and I couldn’t dream of a better team to work with.

To learn more about Children of Grace or sponsor a child you can visit www.children-of-grace.org. If you’d like to support me financially or learn about other ways to get involved, you can e-mail me at holly@slicedtomato.net.

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  1. Karen Jones says:

    Hi Holly,

    Welcome to the team! That’s great how God is moving and I so appreciate your response!

    Karen Jones
    Children of Grace Board Member

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