30 Jun 2011

Green Marketing Techniques

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You have heard of green marketing initiatives but have you ever considered if the type of marketing
you are doing is actually “green?” Are you using green marketing techniques? Most marketers don’t
really think about it that way. We think about messaging, audiences, and market share but are we
thinking about “doing our share” with the tools at our disposal?

As summer blazes into full effect, it is the perfect time to consider new ways you can market to your
audience using “greener” marketing techniques. Larger corporations are already opting for webinars
over in-person sales meetings; online landing pages over printed fliers; and email over direct mail
postcards. They have eliminated a printed company newsletter and opted to communicate with
customers in real-time through social networks. We are even seeing a rise in “green” coupons from
the likes of Groupon and Living Social.

One area you may not have considered as a green marketing technique is video. By using video to
share your brand message, you eliminate printing cost and waste while also saving on postage. In
addition, video has the potential to grow without you spending additional dollars or resources to
spread your message. With the expanded capabilities of smart phones, email and social networks like
YouTube, videos can easily go viral and exponentially grow your share of voice.

Video is perhaps one of the most powerful forms of marketing with its ability to inspire, educate,
entertain and inform your audience. It taps into both the rational and emotional sides of a
consumer’s brain while delivering your brand message in a full visual and auditory experience that
can be boiled down to two minutes. Where written words are easily overlooked, video captivates.
Video allows your audience to immerse themselves in your brand. With the advancements in video
quality over the past ten years, you can create a signature brand video of the highest quality that can
be used in multiple scenarios from trade shows to sales offices to your website and YouTube to even
your sales guy’s computer.

Remember, using “green marketing techniques” does not have to put your company in the red.
Most new media technologies, including video, can be done at a reasonable cost, and are a win-
win for your company and the environment. You may even score a few brownie points with senior
management for your green marketing practices.

Depending on your marketing budget, videos come in many types. Some you produce yourself and others you hire a professional. Check out this blog on how to “do it yourself”.

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