Hotel Equities

Drew Salapka is the Director of Revenue Management at Hotel Equities, a management and consulting company that works with national hotel chains. Further, he is a prime example of how the company invests in their employees on a relational level, but Drew isn’t the only one. Rosa and Brooke’s stories reveal more of the unique culture of Hotel Equities.

With programs like Life Lessons over Lunch, Hotel Equities works to make a real difference in people’s lives, and the evidence is clear. Hotel Equities was named among “Best Places to Work in Atlanta” two of the last five years and has one third of the industry’s turn-over.

From a business perspective, Hotel Equities is also hugely successful in its market. In just four years, it went from managing 14 hotels to 46. A company that does that well and truly cares for its employees along the way is doing something right.

And what was great about working with these individuals is they hardly needed any prompting. They are so passionate about Hotel Equities and how the company affected their lives, it felt like as if they were talking about family.

The result—a seamless, candid, insider look at Hotel Equities and the difference the company is making in the lives of its employees. And with stories like these, it is no wonder Hotel Equities chose SlicedTomato to create their videos.

Rosa’s story

Brooke’s story