Grace Harbor

To make a great video is rewarding; but to make a great video that helps people is something we are passionate about.

Grace Harbor Counseling Ministries, a repeat customer for us, is a Christ-centered non-profit that has been serving the Upstate since 1995. They have a philosophy of creating a comfortable environment so that every client feels welcome, safe and secure. We wanted that same feeling to come across in these videos.

It’s not always easy to be natural when there are lights and cameras all around you, but making clients feel comfortable is one area where SlicedTomato excels. We setup a three-camera shoot at a beautiful house on Lake Keowee and worked hard to keep things casual and fun during the shoot. Take a look as Counselor Jon Hagen shares about conflict, relational debt and grace in this six-part series.

Marital problems. Addiction. Sexual abuse. Anxiety. Eating disorders. These are just a few of the heart-wrenching issues that devastate families each and every day.

The good news is that there are resources like Grace Harbor Counseling Ministries, a Christ-centered non-profit organization that guides people to forgiveness, hope and healing.

One of the ongoing challenges the organization faces is that people are reluctant to seek counseling because of the stigmas attached with it. After all, it’s not always easy admitting that you need help.

For that reason, it was essential that this video convey a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Grace Harbor wants its clients to feel safe and secure. Believers and non-believers alike are invited to come and talk with a professional who will sit and will listen without judgment. The goal: to help them find the path toward lasting life-change.

Although professional actors were used in the video, the stories were not sugar-coated. Rather, Grace Harbor chose to take an unflinching look at a few real-life struggles. This short but moving piece will encourage others to seek professional help and will affirm what Grace Harbor teaches.