Furman University

The centerpiece to any classroom is the whiteboard. It’s where hypotheses become theories and classroom ideas come to life.

For their MyFurmanGift campaign, Furman University once again turned to SlicedTomato. The goal was to create a short video explaining that when you give to Furman, you can designate where your gift goes. Using hand-drawn illustrations and some clever animation, this thought-provoking video gives Furman alumni the chance to support their university in new and unique ways!

Go Paladins!

When Furman University looked for new and innovative ways to reach out to alumni, they turned to SlicedTomato. When they decided to target younger graduates, they turned to social media. When they blended the two together—and added in some humor—they saw dynamic results.

Without explaining away the video, let’s just say that Furman had a little fun with a universal truth about telemarketers. You will also recognize this video as a parody of the iconic Apple versus PC commercials, and it’s proof that a smart, strategic concept goes a long way in producing a successful video.

Like Safe Harbor’s Five Dollars in Five Days campaign, we teamed up once again with Hill Mullikin Marketing who wrote the script and helped leverage social media to drive traffic to DoNotCallMeAtDinner.com.

And what comedy would be complete without a bantering duo? In this case, it was Bill Smith and Jared Johnson, two Furman graduates. You may recognize their faces from Greenville’s Café and Then Some, The Distracted Globe or other comedy clubs in town.

Oh, yeah, and not to toot our own horn, but this campaign exceeded Furman’s fund-raising expectations, both financially and creatively. It also gave countless Furman alumni the chance to enjoy their dinners in peace. For now, anyway.