31 Mar 2014


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We love putting out great work with our name on it. But we also love putting out great work with your name on it.

In the last two years we have had the privilege to work with two multi-billion dollar companies, several government agencies, and a production for Hollywood, CA. Universally, they asked us not to share their name nor the videos we created for them on our site. Even though we didn’t get to share our work, the campaigns succeeded, our clients are happy, and that’s what matters.

Why white-label a video?
1) Having the ability to create professional videos “in-house” makes your company look great to your customers
2) You don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment (that you have to maintain and keep up to date) or hire a production team
3) It makes you look great to your managers and helps them do their job

Bottom line: we want to help your company succeed. If that means we need to wear polo shirts with your logo on it for a day or two… we can make that happen. But if the shirts are really terrible we might need you to buy us lunch.

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