17 Oct 2010

The Differences between Novice and Expert Video

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$2,500 for a professional, complete video is an incredible deal. But, we know sometimes your marketing budget won’t allow even that. Sometimes you just need to communicate something in its most raw form. And no matter what it is, if it’s worth communicating, we think it’s worth communicating well. If you just don’t have a marketing budget, here are some basic tips, shortcuts, and tricks to making novice video look a little less novice-y.

Don’t shoot in the bathroom.Unless your bathroom has carpet. Rooms with a bunch of hard surfaces make your audio sound terrible so you want to shoot in an environment with plenty of soft things around (curtains, carpet, etc.) so that it doesn’t sound like you are talking in a tin can.

Do shoot in 720 or 1080p. With the ability for YouTube and Facebook to host videos in 720p or 1080p for free, you should definitely consider shooting in these definitions. It’s relatively easy to get your hands on a video camera that shoots 720p or 1080p and won’t break your budget. And while shooting in 720p or 1080p won’t necessarily make your video look professional, it will keep it from looking like it was shot in the 80s.

Do check your lighting. Make sure your light source (even if it’s a window) is coming from the same direction as the camera. Unless you are shooting a retro Frosted Flakes commercial, it’s usually not a good idea to place your brightest light behind your subject’s face. If you just don’t have the budget for a key light and fill light, you can always use the sun and make a homemade reflector.

Don’t be long-winded. Be concise (one to two minutes max). You would rather have your viewer watch your video twice to catch everything than to stop watching in the middle because it’s too long. If you have more to say, make more than one video.

Do make your point clear. Only communicate one to two messages and no more so that the point of your video is clear. The “call to action” of your video should be obvious so that you never leave your viewers thinking, “so what?” after watching your video.

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