SlicedTomato is excited to be a part of CityStory’s book project Greenville: Imprints of a City! The artfully designed coffee table book tells the story of Greenville through words and images, presented in black and silver ink with QR code links to videos and web pages to enhance the experience. More than just a history of the city, the book focuses on the modern city that Greenville has become, and narrates the story of today’s Greenville, with it’s people, places, and personality. We count ourselves privileged to be a part of this city, and are thrilled to have been chosen to create the videos for CityStory’s project!

CityStory selected SlicedTomato to create videos that were artistic and creative, modern yet engaging. CityStory is unique and it was a challenge to create videos that retained the look and feel of the book, but brought the stories to life. The end result: Sustainable Storytelling that goes beyond the page.