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Free Motivation!

We’re bringing you some free motivation today, delivered right to your desk, courtesy of the inimitable Jay Hewitt. Working with Jay over the last few months has gotten us thinking about motivation. Just…what exactly is it? It has the power to get us to our goals – or keep us from our goals if we don’t have it. […]

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Apple Store Grand Opening Greenville SC

I took this video this morning at the Grand Opening of the Apple Store in Haywood Mall, Greenville, SC.  I’ll have to admit it’s a little disturbing to see

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Open Video for the Web

There is something exciting happening for video on the web. It’s called open video.  As HTML 5 approaches, it brings with it the possibility of making video as common as images on a web page.  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of Apple and Adobe and they have done wonders with video […]

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