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Shooting in Slow Motion – Overcranking the HVX

I love the Panasonic HVX200. I love it’s tapeless counterpart, the HPX170 even more. One of the things I enjoy so much about these cameras (considering their price range) is the ability they have to operate in “film cam” mode and shoot at variable frame rates. When you ‘overcrank’ at 60 frames per second and […]

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Tilt-Shift Lens Effect in Apple Color

You may be asking, “what is a tilt-shift effect?”  If so, take a read on wikipedia here. First off, if you want the tilt shift effect in your video, it all starts with the right shot.  Since the goal is to make your footage look like a miniature, your subject needs to be distanced from […]

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Color Grading in Apple Color

It’s a professional color grading application that ships with Apple’s Final Cut Studio 2. Some people also know it as the app that doesn’t look or work like any of the other products in the suite. What I’m referring to of course, is Apple Color. And for typical users of the Studio, at first glance […]

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