30 Jun 2011

Green Marketing Techniques

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You have heard of green marketing initiatives but have you ever considered if the type of marketing
you are doing is actually “green?” Are you using green marketing techniques? Most marketers don’t
really think about it that way. We think about messaging, audiences, and market share but are we
thinking about “doing our share” with the tools at our disposal?

As summer blazes into full effect, it is the perfect time to consider new ways you can market to your
audience using “greener” marketing techniques. Larger corporations are already opting for webinars
over in-person sales meetings; online landing pages over printed fliers; and email over direct mail
postcards. They have eliminated a printed company newsletter and opted to communicate with
customers in real-time through social networks. We are even seeing a rise in “green” coupons from
the likes of Groupon and Living Social.
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28 Apr 2011

A Tribute to Richard H. Gettys

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If you were fortunate enough to know Mr. Richard Gettys, I think you will really appreciate his personal reflections as an educator put together by my friends at SlicedTomato. For thousands of Pickens County students, Mr. Gettys will always embody “ The Principal.”

A classmate recently reminded me that when Mr. Gettys entered a student assembly, everyone stood without being prompted. Mind you this was not the age of falling in lockstep or demonstrating respect for authority. Whites, blacks, honor students, burnouts, kids from privilege, kids from the mill hill. It didn’ t matter who you were—you showed respect for Mr. Gettys.

More importantly, you meant it.

My class was unique because we were the beneficiaries of Mr. Gettys’ leadership when he was principal at Easley Junior High School (now the middle school that bears his name) and again when he became principal at Easley High School our sophomore year.

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06 Feb 2011

Clemson University

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When a local marketing firm heard that Clemson had a need for video, SlicedTomato was honored to be referred and eager to tackle the job. PACE, Clemson University’s leadership program for emerging leaders, wanted a video that would communicate the high quality of the program, draw in the leaders of tomorrow and leave the viewer thinking about how PACE could help them.

PACE puts twenty strangers from big and small companies together to do a real project together. Leaders from last year’s conference collaborated on a project for the city of Greenville that was actually implemented by the city. Did we also mention PACE has fifty years of leadership development?

When you put twenty high-energy, emerging leaders together, big things can happen, and we are going to show how it reflects the quality that is Clemson’s reputation.

Already having a long-standing relationship with Furman University, we are more than excited to expand our work with universities!

13 Dec 2010

Gettys Middle School

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When Gettys Middle School hired us to do a series of videos, they wanted to answer the questions  “what does GMS look like?” and “what does GMS feel like?” We all know how scary the first day at a new school can be—as a student and as a parent, so Principal Cory came up with the idea for videos that would bring students into the school before they ever step foot inside. That bright idea would save the school money and would keep kids in the classroom at a time when funds are low.

The Get-to-Know-GMS video takes viewers inside the school and gets students who already attend excited about where they spend their weekdays. Excitement, energy, school spirit… this is what Gettys Middle School is all about (apart from education of course).

Principal Cory also had the idea to film their music programs with hopes of showing soon-to-be GMS students what they can be involved in. We know that middle school bands are no Greenville Symphony, but to a fifth grader thinking about playing an instrument, that is really exciting.

After these videos were made, The school didn’t have to send it’s band, strings or chorus to elementary schools six times a year anymore. That means they didn’t have to get a bus, didn’t have to pay for gas, didn’t have to worry about the risks of transporting students and didn’t have to take students out of class. And with 10 less school days next year, every day counts.

The final video we did for Gettys Middle School is a heritage video with the first principal telling viewers what makes Gettys great. The legendary Principal Gettys tells us, “It’s not about I.Q., it’s about ‘I do,’” as the history and future of the school is celebrated.

We would love to work with you to create a video that shows off your school! And, trust us, we can make you look good.

30 Nov 2010

Upstate Forever

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Working with an organization that protects the beauty of the upstate South Carolina…reviewing some of the most breathtaking pieces of land around…capturing outdoor shots during the prettiest months of the year—this is our job these days, and you won’t hear us complaining.

Upstate Forever is a non-profit that promotes sensible growth and protects special places in upstate South Carolina, and we are creating a video explaining what they plan to do over the next five years to make sure the Upstate stays as wonderful as it already is.

The best part? The Upstate really is wonderful, and we get to be a part of making it stay that way. The hard part? The Upstate really is wonderful, and we want to capture it well through our lens.

But don’t worry. We have a few ideas up our sleeves. Take a look at some of the photos we’ve taken along the way, and get excited for the video in coming months!