17 Jul 2012

Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.

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From the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains to the pristine natural beauty of South Carolina’s coastline, there is no doubt that the Palmetto State is one of America’s best kept secrets. We are honored to be working on a project that will shine the spotlight on South Carolina, sharing its beauty and charm in an unparalled cinematic experience. We would like to invite you to join us on our journey.

Help us identify the very best South Carolina has to offer. What unique locations take your breath away? Where do you dream of watching the sunset? What’s the most memorable viewscape you’ve seen? What locale do you visit year-after-year? What hidden gems have yet to be uncovered from the foothills to the shoreline?

Tell us your suggestion now! 

We are proud to call South Carolina home and honored to have the opportunity to share its beauty with the world. Thank you in advance for your insights. Come with us as we discover South Carolina!

12 Mar 2012

Connecting to Emotion: The Power of Video

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In 1982, Cable TV had just been made available to the public and most people were unfamiliar with it. Researchers wanted to test which of two marketing approaches was most effective at helping homeowners to understand the benefits of cable TV and motivating them to sign up for the service.

The researchers created two different versions of advertising. One group was presented with material saying the following: “CATV will provide a broader entertainment and informational service to its subscribers. Used properly, a person can plan in advance to enjoy events offered. Instead of spending money on the babysitter and gas, and putting up with the hassles of going out, more time can be spent at home with family, alone, or with friends.

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14 Nov 2011

SlicedTomato Joins the Greenville Chamber

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We are excited to announce that SlicedTomato has joined the Greenville Chamber! We love our local community and we wanted to support the efforts of the Chamber in working to promote local businesses, advocating for small businesses, and providing opportunities for local business owners. We appreciate all that the Chamber does and we wanted to be a part of it!

We’re looking forward to getting involved in the Chamber’s initiatives and attending events. We hope to see you there!

06 Sep 2011

Editing Mouse-Free

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I often interact with others that are just getting started with Final Cut Pro.  Maybe they’ve only used FCP a few times or they are moving from iMovie or Final Cut Express.  Either way, I find that they are tied to the mouse for most of their editing functions.  This is typical for anyone learning a new program.  Since speed translates to cash when it comes to editing, I wanted to offer what I think to be the most helpful keyboard shortcuts for beginners learning Final Cut Pro.

No matter what type of material I’m editing, I find that I always perform the same basic functions when editing (scrubbing the footage, marking in and out points, toggling the snapping and linking features on the timeline, etc.) so here is a brief overview of what I think are the most basic functions and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts.  Commit these to memory and you will quickly cut your editing time in half.
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30 Jun 2011

Green Marketing Techniques

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You have heard of green marketing initiatives but have you ever considered if the type of marketing
you are doing is actually “green?” Are you using green marketing techniques? Most marketers don’t
really think about it that way. We think about messaging, audiences, and market share but are we
thinking about “doing our share” with the tools at our disposal?

As summer blazes into full effect, it is the perfect time to consider new ways you can market to your
audience using “greener” marketing techniques. Larger corporations are already opting for webinars
over in-person sales meetings; online landing pages over printed fliers; and email over direct mail
postcards. They have eliminated a printed company newsletter and opted to communicate with
customers in real-time through social networks. We are even seeing a rise in “green” coupons from
the likes of Groupon and Living Social.
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