31 Mar 2014


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We love putting out great work with our name on it. But we also love putting out great work with your name on it.

In the last two years we have had the privilege to work with two multi-billion dollar companies, several government agencies, and a production for Hollywood, CA. Universally, they asked us not to share their name nor the videos we created for them on our site. Even though we didn’t get to share our work, the campaigns succeeded, our clients are happy, and that’s what matters.

Why white-label a video?
1) Having the ability to create professional videos “in-house” makes your company look great to your customers
2) You don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment (that you have to maintain and keep up to date) or hire a production team
3) It makes you look great to your managers and helps them do their job

Bottom line: we want to help your company succeed. If that means we need to wear polo shirts with your logo on it for a day or two… we can make that happen. But if the shirts are really terrible we might need you to buy us lunch.

11 Feb 2014

New Year. New Demo Reel.

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Clemson, Furman, Spartanburg Methodist College, Department of Homeland Security – four of our clients you may recognize.

We have proudly served the upstate of South Carolina for over five years. In that time we have had the privilege to work with dozens of local businesses and non-profits, and have produced for companies across the US.

Our video production is from the ground up – we can cover everything from creative direction, story-boards, and script writing to high-end animation. Our production crew handles anything from a simple single-camera shoot up to giant multi-camera shoots with lighting, cranes, and quadcopters. We will meet you where you are and help develop your ideas to make your video a win for your company.

Check out our new demo reel here, and give us a call!


18 Dec 2013

Turning Skeptics into Believers

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My grandparents had taken my older brother and me out for a runny-nosed walk one cold December afternoon when I saw him smiling there, white and red, waving. Yes, it was Santa Claus.

Of course, I had just reached the ripe old age of ten years and had (proudly) entered a personal Age of Enlightenment. I knew Santa, by all probability and statistics, wasn’t real. The revelation had left me a cold, heartless, snot-nosed philosopher. All the magic was gone. I was a Santagnostic.

With determination I wiped my nose on my sleeve and strode up to Grand-frauder Christmas. “If you’re really Santa what’s my name??” I confronted him. He paused, looked at me from behind that huge nylon beard, and said, “I don’t know your name kid, but I can tell you that you’re on the naughty list.” A shock of fear ran through me like cold eggnog, and in that instant I was almost reconverted.

At SlicedTomato, we love turning skeptics into believers. Saddlehorn (a custom luxury home design company) asked us to create a video for them, but they were skeptical about working with a production company. We weren’t offended. Here is the video we delivered to them, and their testimonial speaks for itself!

From all of us at SlicedTomato, Merry Christmas!
David Broughton


“We are a homebuilder who wanted to communicate our ability to customize our home designs, and although we’d never done one, we thought a video might be a good way to do this. Our web designer recommended SlicedTomato, and we’re glad he did, because they created exactly the video we were looking for. They came up with a concept to incorporate interviews from our customers with an interview of me discussing the process. The video they took of the homes was excellent. Great lighting, beautiful angles, and clear high definition footage. The interviews were also very well done, and they seamlessly incorporated interview sections into our overall message. In the final version, they included nice, appropriate music, and some visual effects to our logo that made for a catchy opening and close. Overall, the final product was very professional, and for a reasonable price. These guys know what they’re doing! I was definitely a skeptic, but SlicedTomato made me a believer.”      – James Bache, Saddle Horn, LLC

13 Nov 2013

SlicedTomato FullDome

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3,300 x 3,300 resolution video. Domified theaters. Spherical edits. Multi-camera stitching. The result? SlicedTomato now creates FullDome educational videos for students around the world. So far our videos are in 117 science centers and planetariums in 33 countries. When our local planetarium called us and asked for our help, we decided to try to do just that.   First we had to learn a new vocabulary (above – yikes).   Then we started experimenting and asking questions. Eventually … one step at a time… after 3 years, we figured it out   After a planetarium showed the video to a 4th grade class, we received the most encouraging message – “They [the students] were dancing in their seats – literally”. Domed theaters offer a unique, immersive experience for students.  Through fulldomevideos.com, it is our goal to help create memorable learning experiences – on the Dome.

13 Nov 2013

Two days. Five students. One great shoot.

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At SlicedTomato we love great stories. That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Spartanburg Methodist College – a liberal arts school with a passion for helping students discover their calling in life. SMC asked for four broadcast TV commercials, featuring real students, to communicate the heart of their school. We could not have had more fun getting to know these students (between classes!) and hearing their stories, laughing at all the outtakes, and crafting a story together. This was the first time we had stepped up to the challenge of a broadcast commercial. It posed a new set of technical questions for us, but our team rose to the challenge and executed flawlessly. Watch the other three here.

At SlicedTomato we love great stories. Is yours next?


“SlicedTomato wasted no time in getting to know us and collaborating with us as a TEAM. They listened to what we wanted and instinctively took our ‘novice concept’ and developed unique, creative, quality video products that capture SMC’s heart and soul! They injected fun and play into the process and put our student actors at ease on film and flawlessly conveyed our message.   SlicedTomato’s creativity, professionalism, and commitment to quality exceeded our expectations – any way you slice it, SMC was wowed and encourages others to discover SlicedTomato for themselves.”

Mike Queen, Director of Admissions, Spartanburg Methodist College