10 Nov 2017


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We had an incredible time celebrating the Deep Orange 7 Unveiling with the Clemson CU-ICAR  students recently!

It was exciting to be a part of the festivities as the 18-person strong CU-ICAR student team unveiled
their fully functional, drivable concept vehicle at the BMW Zentrum on October 14th. The re-
envisioned MINI, designed for the US market for 2025 and beyond, is loaded with innovative
designs and features. It has been an honor working with CU-ICAR the past 5 years producing Deep
Orange videos from DO3 through DO7. Whether you are a car enthusiast, a techy, or just love
Clemson, be sure to see innovation at its finest: http://cuicardeeporange.com/project/do7/.

Check out the videos SlicedTomato produced with CU-ICAR here – what an awesome job we have
(and them too, right?!?)


Technical Overview
30 Jul 2014

387 Videos

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When we started SlicedTomato in 2009, our goal was to create “fresh video for the web”. We were excited when we were asked to create 9 videos that first year. Recently we took a minute to look back and were blown away to see that in the last 12 months we have either created or are in production of 387 videos. Sometimes we may sound a bit hard-charging but today we are just humbled for your trust in us.

Thank you – we love telling your stories.

29 Jul 2014

Free Motivation!

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We’re bringing you some free motivation today, delivered right to your desk, courtesy of the inimitable Jay Hewitt. Working with Jay over the last few months has gotten us thinking about motivation. Just…what exactly is it? It has the power to get us to our goals – or keep us from our goals if we don’t have it. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. It’s a temperamental tide of invisible energy juju that gets us off our butts or leaves us high and dry.

After some conversation about it we still haven’t reached consensus on exactly what it is, but we think we’ve discovered how to get it. By all means call us if you know a better way, but we’re convinced the secret to getting motivation is this:  seeing what you really want and imagining yourself getting it.

We stole this point from Jay. Quick background on the man: he ran a crazy 140-mile Ironman. With diabetes. Fourteen times. He can’t stop talking about what he calls “Finish Line Vision” – seeing what you want and imagining yourself getting it. He says it makes the difference between going on or giving in. He should know.

Ok, ok, just watch the video already!

 “SlicedTomato was great to work with and did a fantastic job – the perfect combination of professional expertise and youthful, creative enthusiasm!  From our first meeting they listened and understood my vision of what I wanted in my video, then used their creativity and expertise to make suggestions, improvements and make it better.  My project had multiple diverse events and locations to shoot, including a large live audience, a private interview, and on location b-roll action footage at sun rise.   They got it all and edited it together beautifully.  They captured my Finish Line Vision®!!” – Jay Hewitt

24 Apr 2014

Whimsy with Teeth

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We heard something interesting today. It’s in a video about the creator of GapingVoid.com (you’ve seen it around the interwebs). The artist, Hugh MacLeod, says, “Where marketing gets interesting is when people use the message as a social object.”

He thinks traditional marketing is boring. New marketing is not the ingestion of a buy-this-product message but the enjoyment of “social objects.” He never exactly explains what a social object is, but you get the idea that it is something creative and fun that has a purpose as well. They’re fun but they move us. They entertain, but they also preach. Whimsy with teeth.

Besides his comics (of which, btw, I am a big fan and have been sharing for years), what else is a social object? A few come to mind.

  • TED talks – fun, short, and with a strong message
  • Good podcasts – a combination of creativity and purpose
  • Culture videos – e.g. our CFA philosophy video

Marketing has already moved beyond the behaviorist techniques of the last century – message creates psychological need, psychological need creates purchasing behavior, etc. New marketing doesn’t try first to subtract something from your wallet but to add something to your life.

We’re for that.


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04 Apr 2014

Eat More Tomatoes

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Everyone knows that there’s a secret recipe for Chick-fil-A sandwiches that restaurants have been trying to guess for years. But there’s another recipe at CFA that is definitely not a secret – their recipe for business.

Last month we had the privilege of crafting a video to highlight this recipe. In case you hadn’t heard, a new CFA just opened in Spartanburg, and we couldn’t let that happen without a little fanfare. Naturally, we wanted to get the word out about the new restaurant, but we also wanted to help inspire a new 60+ member crew to catch the vision of CFA’s recipe for business.

We spent two days interviewing team leaders and making the fry cook trip on our cameras to bring you our latest project. Without further ado, it is “our pleasure” to present the not-so-secret recipe of CFA.