How do you engage customers today? How do you inspire, educate, entertain and inform? You do it with the power of video. We’re SlicedTomato from Greenville, SC, and we make marketing videos that move you. More importantly, we make videos that move your clients. If you're a creative firm, we’re here for you. And we always bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Fresh Video For The Web

Welcome to SlicedTomato Productions, a Greenville, SC video production company dedicated to helping creative agencies and marketing firms create stylish, professional videos. Whether you need a video for a website, a fundraising effort, a social media campaign or any other project, we can make it happen.

Since we specialize in collaborating with creative teams, we understand what it takes to turn an idea into a well-rounded, finished product. Not only is it about crafting a powerful story and fine-tuning all the details, it’s also about doing what you say when you say you will do it.

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Fresh Video Testimonials

“From the start to the finish – Sliced Tomato has been a joy to work with.  They took an idea and ran with it, creating a final product that is outstanding!  Their creative staff took a diamond in the rough and made it sparkle.  Can’t wait to work with them again as they are a team of consummate professionals.” 

-Chuck Gallagher

“Every year after Christmas my school, Southside Christian, does a one week course where students can travel or intern. I chose an internship. I interned at Sliced Tomato Productions. I spent the week watching how they edit all the footage they shoot and make it into the final version, which is what we see. I really enjoyed learning the process of editing all the footage. But what I especially enjoyed was getting the chance to write a script, it gave me a chance to understand how long it can really take to come up with thoughts to put in it. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m glad I did it.” 

-Scarlett, Intern from Southside Christian School

Kimberly Kelly

“I have had the opportunity on several occasions to help SlicedTomato Productions with both on camera and voice talents for both local and global projects. Having a background in both talent and production, I am always impressed with their professionalism & attention to detail. They mix high tech and innovation with good old fashion, respectful, business practices. I look forward to when our paths cross next.” 

-Kimberly Kellykimberly kelly Productions, llc


We’re so glad we chose to work with SlicedTomato. They delivered our video on time and on target. Their crew was very proactive and collaborative – contributing great ideas to improve each shot and get the best from the talent. Great people and a high-quality product!”

-Angie McEldowney, Account Manager, VantagePoint Marketing


“SlicedTomato was great to work with and did a fantastic job – the perfect combination of professional expertise and youthful, creative enthusiasm! From our first meeting they listened and understood my vision of what I wanted in my video, then used their creativity and expertise to make suggestions, improvements and make it better.  My project had multiple diverse events and locations to shoot, including a large live audience, a private interview, and on location b-roll action footage at sun rise.   They got it all and edited it together beautifully.  They captured my Finish Line Vision®!!”

-Jay Hewitt, Motivational Speaker, Jay Hewitt


“There are a lot of companies offering video production. For my money, SlicedTomato under-promised and over-delivered. Our mission: create a high quality, engaging video of customer testimonials for an affordable price. Pre-production and the shoot were carefully executed. But the ‘SlicedTomato difference’ came in post production. Their producer and editor delivered a concise, understandable and emotionally powerful video that is helping our client find new prospects and close sales.”

-Ivan Armstrong, Jr., CEO, Strategic Marketing, Inc.


“We are a homebuilder who wanted to communicate our ability to customize our home designs, and although we’d never done one, we thought a video might be a good way to do this. Our web designer recommended SlicedTomato, and we’re glad he did, because they created exactly the video we were looking for. They came up with a concept to incorporate interviews from our customers with an interview of me discussing the process. The video they took of the homes was excellent. Great lighting, beautiful angles, and clear high definition footage. The interviews were also very well done, and they seamlessly incorporated interview sections into our overall message. In the final version, they included nice, appropriate music, and some visual effects to our logo that made for a catchy opening and close. Overall, the final product was very professional, and for a reasonable price. These guys know what they’re doing! I was definitely a skeptic, but SlicedTomato made me a believer.”

James Bache, Saddle Horn, LLC


“SlicedTomato wasted no time in getting to know us and collaborating with us as a TEAM. They listened to what we wanted and instinctively took our ‘novice concept’ and developed unique, creative, quality video products that capture SMC’s heart and soul! They injected fun and play into the process and put our student actors at ease on film and flawlessly conveyed our message.   SlicedTomato’s creativity, professionalism, and commitment to quality exceeded our expectations – any way you slice it, SMC was wowed and encourages others to discover SlicedTomato for themselves.”

Mike Queen, Director of Admissions, Spartanburg Methodist College


Drew Salapka

“I could not be any happier with the quality videos that Sliced Tomato did for our company Hotel Equities. Not only was the production quality amazing, but they did such a great job capturing our message and conveying our vision and mission to our audience. I appreciate how quickly they responded to all of our needs and how timely and organized they were. I would highly recommend them and hope to get the opportunity to work with them in the future.”

Drew Salapka, Director of Revenue Management, Hotel Equities


Claudia DiBiccari“I arrive early and see that the director, producer, and makeup artist are all there and ready to work…as should be…but one thing that was different about them being there on time, was that they were there with positive attitudes and great energy.  Jim was a very patient director…one who doesn’t intimidate the talent and make the talent feel unworthy.  I really enjoyed how he allowed me to deliver my lines in different ways.  He was very open to seeing what the different intonations would sound like. He was very laid back, but very professional.  It’s always great to have that kind of director.  Final Verdict….WOW.  That’s the word I used, and literally yelled out loud, after watching the edited version for the first time.  I’ve already forwarded that video on to so many people.  All of them responded with such wonderful things to say!  I will definitely be using this video in my reel.  It looks so professional, and wonderfully done!”
Claudia Di Biccari, Talent


Marti Alexander“Working with Sliced Tomato was amazing! They were a referral from our website design company, and we selected them based on their past work with them. I was not disappointed, in fact truly stunned by the results. We only had still photography but wanted an interactive video which represented our facility, and this video did just that. To top it off, it was produced in a two week time frame as we had a tight deadline for a presentation, and they were able to meet the deadline for us, even with us requesting a new voice over due to script changes. Not only did the video work for our presentation (we won the piece of business), but our entire ownership/management company was blown away by the results! I can’t wait to work with them again in the future!”
Marti Alexander, Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza


Lori ParksWhen planning an event, 90% of the work is completed beforethe first guest arrives. Event producers spend hours in pre-planning, working and reworking spread sheets, timelines and gantt charts. I was looking for a way to tell this story and provide a glimpse of all that goes on behind the scenes of producing an event. I thought that a video would provide the perfect medium to tell the story.

Similar to event planning, when watching a video, the viewer only sees the final production. A creative thinker with Zen like vision is needed when developing a concept for a video that will capture, and hold the viewer’s attention. Toss in the technical intelligence required including video capture, lighting, editing, cutting and cropping and you got yourself a tall order in finding a company with the set of smarts needed.

I found just what was needed at SlicedTomato. They got the right stuff! With a knack for knowing what will work, the team skillfully went about crafting a perfect flick to tell my story. If you have a story to tell, check out SlicedTomato.
Lori Parks, Lori Parks Corporate Events


Bruce Plourde“Pairing a good wine with a meal for some isn’t necessary but when you’re looking for the ultimate culinary experience, the two go hand-in-hand. SlicedTomato was our perfect pairing to a book project we felt needed just the right visual accompaniment for our book trailer and chapter intro’s. We saw SlicedTomato as a balance of crisp, clean, and stylistic videography with ultra modern components that speak to our culture. Because each video in their portfolio engages the viewer from the first few seconds of play…it didn’t take us long to decide on SlicedTomato. They were equally engaging in their approach to the process of understanding our need and vision of integrating a traditional medium like print with QR Codes that link to videos. Keeping to our rigid schedule, meeting all our expectations, and providing an amazing end product offered the ultimate video making experience for us. So when your in need of that perfect pairing, skip the list of endless “wines”…choose SlicedTomato. You wont be disappointed.”
Bruce Plourde, CityStory


Dan Gliatta

“The team at SlicedTomato made for a great partner on our healthcare client’s brand video.  Our timing and logistics posed a challenge but whether it was hoping on a plane to shoot near LA on a week’s notice or making 11th hour edits, SlicedTomato always handled it with ease and professionalism.  And the best part was our client loved the end product.”
Dan Gliatta, Cargo


Laura MacPherson

“SlicedTomato’s work is not only of amazing quality, it’s also unique and creative.  Chris and Jim are great to work with, and our experience with them was phenomenal.  We get compliments on our video all the time–it really showcases what our company offers, in a fun, engaging way that people don’t forget.”
Laura MacPherson, Northstar Creative


Jami Mullikin“As a small agency, I love working with SlicedTomato Video.  They provide a natural extension of our team and add huge value to our campaign creative by understanding videography and video production.  They are nimble and responsive and understand the planning needed to make a concept come to life. And our clients love working with them too.”
Jami Mullikin, Hill Mullikin Marketing Co.


Nan Johnston“We started with an idea in mind.  SlicedTomato came to us, gave us guidance and creative direction, and helped us move the project forward.  On the day of the video shoot, we quickly realized how SlicedTomato’s depth of experience translated into a wonderful session.  There was no real script, but video participants felt comfortable and empowered to speak.  The result: powerful communication about what makes Clemson’s Leadership Summit an exceptional experience.  Thanks, SlicedTomato.”
Nan Johnston, Clemson PACE Program


Lisa Lane“We came to SlicedTomato with a complex need: to produce a concise, compelling video that could publicize a complicated team running fundraiser to support an array of programs for a nearly indefinable disease.  The SlicedTomato team took the time to meet with us to understand our goals.  They then brought their unique vision to develop a finished product that focused our myriad of ideas into a sharp, professional 1-minute message.  Our input coupled with their expertise resulted in a video that packs an emotional punch.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a SlicedTomato video is a priceless work of art!”
Lisa Lane, The Hope Academy of South Carolina


Bradley Wright“We approached SlicedTomato to create a marketing video for our website because of their already existing portfolio of outstanding work.  From our first conversation over lunch to final delivery of work, SlicedTomato was at all times professional and felt as if they were a part of our team.  Jim and Chris seemed to have a way of reading our minds and placing ideas on paper before we could deliver those thoughts verbally or via email.  We’ve been a part of so many projects over the years, large and small, and we can say without hesitation that SlicedTomato did exactly what they said they would do, on time, on budget, and delivered a superior product that truly “delivers” to our prospective clients.  We wholeheartedly recommend considering SlicedTomato and will continue to use them for the life of our business.”
Bradley Wright, Lifecycle Asset Recovery


Tom Metz“SlicedTomato has exceeded our expectations with every project they have done for us.  Not only do they deliver a high quality product in a timely manner, but they are exceptional at paying attention to the needs and wants of the customer.  I wouldn’t want anyone else to handle my web video needs.”
Tom Metz,


Dr. Jon Hagen“I have used SlicedTomato for more than one project, and each time my experience has been the same: professional expertise that excelled relationally to make sure we achieved exactly what we were looking for.  I really cannot say enough about the lengths to which Jim and the others at SlicedTomato will go to deliver just what you need.  I get regular and  consistently positive feedback from my clients on the work that SlicedTomato has done for Grace Harbor.  Much of the spread of my organization’s influence can be directly tied to the work that SlicedTomato has done for me.  SlicedTomato has come through for me every time, and I know they will for you too.”
Dr. Jon Hagen, Grace Harbor Counseling Ministries


Larry Huff“Our experience with SlicedTomato was marked by excellence from beginning to end. Having seen their portfolio, we weren’t surprised by the quality of the work they produced.  What made the experience exceptional is the manner in which it was executed.  They went above and beyond to deliver what we asked for, they made it fun along the way, and—to our delight—they completed our video ahead of schedule!  There is no doubt that SlicedTomato’s work will help us achieve our goals, so huge kudos to their entire team for coming through for us!”
Larry Huff, Principal, Bridge Your Love


Rodney Rogers“The guys at SlicedTomato have come through for me in a big way each time I’ve worked with them. They really get video for the Web and have upped the ante in the way of production value.  From a writer’s perspective, they know how to take a good script and make a great video.”
Rodney Rogers,



Michael Cory“SlicedTomato will show your school like never before! Their videos have received thousands of hits on our website and youtube-students and parents love them.  In the era of school choice and competing for the very best students, SlicedTomato will show your school in a way that you would never have imagined.  They can create tour videos for your new students, establish a positive image, recruit students to your best programs, or highlight your school history and achievements with amazing graphics, professional quality HD film, and studio editing.  SlicedTomato met with us to listen to our goals, shot hours of video at our school, and created four videos for us that have been used on our website, given to new students, and at community events.  Title One funding, Academic Technical Assistance funds, or school funds can be used for this activity to address parent communication initiatives.  Parents often times are not able to come to your school and their lack of knowledge or experience can create negative perceptions of your school.  SlicedTomato’s videos will show them how great your school is and show them a school that they can be proud of.  Our school’s enrollment has increased following these videos.  Of thousands of viewing families, if just one student attends your school from viewing these outstanding videos they will pay for themselves with just one new student!  SlicedTomato staff are professional, trustworthy, and deliver above and beyond results!”
Mike Corey, Principal, Gettys Middle School

Matt Nestberg“Because this was our first experience with a professional video company, we were apprehensive at first. We chose SlicedTomato because we believed we could get a quality product at a reasonable cost. We were not disappointed. Their team carefully heard our plans, interpreted them into video form, listen to our feedback and suggestions, and then produced a product that was spot-on. They met and exceeded our expectations.”
-Matt Nestberg, North Hills Community Church

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